Packing Tips

Just as we want all of our clients to be prepared for smart and safe travel, we also want to make sure that they don’t forget to pack some of those super important items that can make your trip easier and save your skin (literally) in an emergency.  Take a look below at our list of items and tips, and make sure that you don’t forget to check them off of your list before hitting the road!

Various Important Items to Pack-

  • Passports  (Please make sure they’re current!)
  • Driver’s License or Other Backup Government Issued Identification
  • Copies of Passports, Driver’s License, and Credit/Debit Cards
  • Copies of Itinerary and Boarding Passes
  • Appropriate Clothing for Dining and Events (Formal Nights on Cruises or Resort Dress Codes)
  • Mobile Phones, Headphones, and Charging Cables
  • Travel Wallets/Belts and Cruise Pass Lanyards
  • Motion Sickness Supplements
  • Translator books or cards
  • Airplane Comfort Items (Travel Pillows, Travel Blankets, Sleep Masks, etc.)
  • International Outlet Adapters and Converters
  • Guide books for your destination
  • A Watch set to the time of your destination (Don’t want to miss your connection)
  • Camera (Don’t forget the memory cards AND batteries)

Pre-Departure To do List-

  • Enable International Roaming on your mobile device.
  • Put travel notices on your credit/debit cards.
  • Leave itinerary with a family member or friend.
  • Convert Currency (If necessary).
  • Print international calling instructions for the countries being visited.
  • Buy Travel Insurance
  • Check weather conditions for your travel dates.
  • Download Translator Apps.
  • Turn off the data signal on your phone.
  • Leave valuables at home.
  • Consider a plan to reduce jet lag.
  • Print Embassy and Consulate information.
  • Make sure there are luggage tags on your luggage (We suggest inside and out).
  • Print a list of emergency contact numbers (Travel Agent, Consular Offices, Airlines, Travel Insurance Company).